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Do you yearn to connect with other like-hearted women in a meaningful and transformative way? In today's competitive business world, women unknowingly view each other as potentially threatening obstacles to their personal and professional success. What if you could retrain your brain to welcome collaborating with women, bringing growth and harmony to your life?

The Female Success Model

A woman's entire operating system is based on a masculine or even a distorted feminine formula for success that is not working for her body on a physiological or bio chemical level.

Want to test that out? Okay, in this moment, do you feel that you have the vitality in every cell of your body required to create abundant success?

Most likely the answer is no because you are in a state of fight, flight or freeze. Let's see what the female success model recommends:

To come out of fight, flight or freeze we are going to have to learn to operate from a state of ease. Now, I know that kind of sounded poetic, yet, it is so much deeper then anything motivational, inspirational or affirmational.

This is a must for us as women. We are going to have to learn how to boost the secretion of the hormone oxytocin and I like to call it our "ease hormone."

We are also going to learn to distress our thymus gland. We are going to boost dopamine and we are going to learn to vibrate the longest nerve in the body called the Vagus nerve which is the beginning of our parasympathetic pathway.

Prevent burnout by retraining your hypothalamus which is the command centre of your brain, and learn to access your parasympathetic pathway which is the opposite of fight, flight and freeze.

Shift into a new state of thriving by determining what your specific default surviving pattern is and receive tips to keep it dormant.
All of this is going to translate your enduring ability to give birth to your super potential.
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